March 14th WCPW Show Cancelled by School District 428!

Immensely disappointing!

I am extremely saddened to have to inform my WCPW fans that the upcoming March 14th show at Huntley Middle School has been cancelled by the school district. District 428 wants to reschedule the event but are unable to discuss a possible date until the virus situation improves.  As soon as I have that replacement date booked, I will let all of you, the great WCPW fans who have been so supportive of WCPW's efforts to debut in DeKalb, know immediately!

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket in advance and to all of the local media that helped to advertise my show to DeKalb.  Katrina Milton of The MidWeek, The Daily-Chronicle, The Orange Peel Gazette, Monica Becker of 94.9 WDKB, I thank you most sincerely.  Lastly, a special thank you to DeKalb's very own Competitive Edge Inc., owned by Don Hawkins, for making all of the fantastic WCPW marketing materials.  You created advertising that I am extremely proud of!

Please stay tuned to this website for updates about WCPW's future in DeKalb.  I will make good on this unfortunate situation as soon as I'm allowed to.  Thank you for giving WCPW a chance!


James K. Duck

Owner WCPW


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How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

 WCPW® is the most recognizable name in the history of Independent Chicago Pro Wrestling!  From 1988-2010 the original WCPW® was the leader in Independent Chicago Pro Wrestling.  In 2015, the name WCPW®  was trademarked by Bigtime®, a pro wrestler and former talent of the original WCPW®.  As the new Owner of WCPW®, Bigtime® intends to continue the legacy of the original WCPW® and once again earn WCPW® the title of the #1 Independent Wrestling Promotion in Chicago!


How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

WCPW® is a great idea for your fundraising event.  Professional production including lighting and sound, professional athletes who take pride in their appearance, and a staff that truly puts the Professional in Windy City Pro Wrestling™!  Contact us to find out how we can help you with your fundraising event!


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How We Can Help You

See the Difference

WCPW® prides itself on Professionalism in all aspects of our company.  Our Wrestlers are professionals that take pride in their wardrobe and physiques!  Our light sound, ring, chairs, and crowd barrier equipment are of the highest quality.  WCPW® provides an entertainment experience that cannot be duplicated on the Independent Pro Wrestling Circuit.

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