Results from Windy City Pro Wrestling: The Legend Continues!


1/27/18 - The Broadway Armory in Chicago

WCPW Head of Guest Relations Terry Hopper came out and welcomed everyone to the first WCPW show in 8 years!  Mr. Hopper proceeded to introduce new WCPW Owner Bigtime.  Bigtime shook hands with everyone at ringside.  When he got into the ring, he explained to everyone exactly why it meant so much to him to bring back WCPW and to be standing inside of a WCPW ring for the first time in 17 years.

Bigtime then brought out all of the competitors of the evening so that Bigtime and the crowd could meet them for the first time together.  Everyone competing for a WCPW contract that night, introduced themselves.  Bigtime told them that all of them were brought to WCPW because they looked the part, acted the part, and anyone of them would make a proud addition to the legacy of WCPW.  Bigtime reminded them that just because he may respect their talents, that doesn't mean he respects them because just like their WCPW contract, the respect has to be earned in WCPW!  The competitors went back to the locker room to prepare for their matches.

Bigtime then brought out Crystal, who looked like a million dollars in Blue and Yellow.  After a brief history of the issues between Bigtime and Crystal of nearly 2 decades ago, Bigtime revealed to Crystal that he didn't just bring her to the show to stand around and look pretty but that she also had to compete for a contract.  Crystal reminded everyone that she is a former WCPW Women's Champion and doesn't need to prove herself to anyone, especially Bigtime.  She got in Bigtime's face and said that he may have been Bigtime once upon a time but everyone looking at him could see that he's Bigtime no more.  She told him that he's out of shape and she'd kick his butt!  Bigtime told her that if she wanted the old Bigtime, he's not that hard to find.  Crystal then asked if he was still in there somewhere and slapped the glasses off Bigtime's face.  Bigtime picked up his glasses and put them back on, only to have Crystal slap them off his face once again.  She repeatedly asked him "is the old Bigtime in there now?".  Crystal went for a 3rd slap but Bigtime grabbed her wrist and told her not to count on him to not hit a lady because everyone looking at her can see that she's no lady!  Bigtime then revealed that Crystal would be fighting former TNA/IMPACT Knockout Amanda Rodriguez in the main event.  Amanda came to the ring and got in Crystal's face.   Crystal threw a tantrum and left.

Match 1

No Limits Mike Cobb defeated Brian Valor in spite of multiple outside interference attempts by Valor's partner The Real Taylor Alex Taylor.

Match 2

Lennox Norris defeated Rockstar Ryan Howe.  Angry at the constant interruptions by Howe's acoustic guitar playing talents, Lennox tried to destroy the talented hands of Howe and eventually got the 3 count.  Howe had been examined by WCPW doctors and will soon be playing to the fans again.

Match 3

The match between The Prodigy Anthony Taylor and The Real Taylor Alex Taylor was declared a no contest by WCPW head official Charles due to outside interference by Alex's tag partner Brian Valor.  Mike Cobb eventually came from the locker room to help out Anthony Taylor.  Since there was no winner to claim the WCPW contract, Bigtime sanctioned a tag match between the 4 men to take place later in the show. 

Match 4

As Bigtime was addressing the crowd, someone entered the venue and jumped the guardrail demanding the microphone.  It was Roy "Flash" Gordon from the Chicago area.  He expressed his displeasure that no one would take his calls because he was dialing from the 312 area code.  How can a WCPW show be void of any wrestlers from the Chicago area?  Bigtime obliged and called Immaculate Mike Micas to the ring.  Micas was just coming off a WWE tour and a stint at NXT.  It was a hard fought fight but Micas got the three count.  Flash, however earned the admiration of the Chicago crowd and the notice of Bigtime.

Match 5

The challenge tag match set an evenly balanced two on two and saw the team of Anthony Taylor/Mike Cobb earn the contracts over Alex Taylor/Brian Valor when Anthony Taylor pinned Brian Valor for the 3-count.

Bigtime called all the contract winners to the ring for a photo op.  Mike Cobb, Anthony Taylor, Mike Micas and Lennox Norris.  This did not go over well with Brian Valor and Alex Taylor who interrupted the Kodak moment only to receive a stereo super kick from Cobb and Anthony Taylor, adding injury to insult.

Match 6

Amanda Rodriguez pinned Crystal White. Once the match began, Crystal saw Bigtime in the crowd as he was once again thanking the fans for showing up.  She began taunting Bigtime about slapping him earlier.  This led to Bigtime sitting ringside to watch the match.  Rodriguez took advantage of Crystal's obvious distraction to take the early advantage.  Crystal being the veteran that she is, changed the tide of the match with a big belly to back suplex though.  Rodriguez was in trouble but Crystal made the mistake of focusing on Bigtime at ringside.  Rodriguez took advantage again and went for a double underhook but the chiseled Crystal hit a back body drop to counter.  Crystal once again taunted Bigtime and even shot her hair ribbon at him.  Crystal hit the ropes to go after Rodriguez but Bigtime hooked her leg and stumbled her, allowing Rodriguez to catch Crystal with a cradle pin for the 1,2,3.  Rodriguez celebrated as Crystal chased Bigtime back to the dressing room.

Terry Hopper thanked the crowd for attending the show and the crowd gave a standing ovation for the return of WCPW.