May 20th 2000: WCPW makes history!


The Largest Championship Match in Pro Wrestling History crowns 1st WCPW Battle Royal Champion!

At the turn of the millenium, original WCPW Owner Sam Decero had the vision of holding the Largest Battle Royal in Pro Wrestling History.  A match of monumental proportions.  He wanted to get 120 competitors together, put them in 3 rings, and have them battle it out to determine the ultimate battle royal competitor of our time!  Decero took his vision a step further and decided that the winner of such a historic match should win a Championship.  Not a trophy, not a medal, not a plaque.  The winner was to be crowned the first ever WCPW Battle Royal Champion and be presented with a Title Belt that would be defended in battle royals from that night on.

Sam Decero went to work in making his vision a reality and on May 20th 2000, at Battle of the Belts 12, WCPW set up 3 rings in The Hammond Civic Center, 120 men and women were gathered, and the main event of the evening saw a plethora of bodies being thrown over the top rope onto the floor in chaos not seen since people were jumping off the Titanic!  At the end of all of the carnage, each ring had one survivor apiece.  Ring 1 saw WCPW Heavyweight Champion Willie Da Bomb Richardson standing tall.  Ring 3 saw Crystal The Diva Carmichael having managed to somehow eliminate all of her competition.  While ring 2 saw Hollywood Director Bigtime defying all predicitons and standing solo.  

The 3 competitors came together in the middle ring to battle for final supremacy.  Willie picked up Bigtime over his head and threw Bigtime out of the ring and into the arms of his group "Sports Entertainment".  Willie then hugged Crystal and decided to be a gentleman and allow her to win the match by eliminating himself over the top rope.  However, what Crystal and Willie did not realize is that Bigtime's feet had never touched the floor since his colleagues had caught him in mid air and never set him down.  Sports Entertainment rolled Bigtime back into the ring and he quickly ran up behind Crystal and eliminated her.  Defying all odds and outsmarting everyone else, Bigtime had won the Largest Battle Royal in History, The Largest Championship Match in History, and became the first ever WCPW Battle Royal Champion.

While a larger Battle Royal was held in 2010, the record was held by WCPW for more than 10 years.  This match is still the Largest Championship Match in Pro Wrestling History though.  A record that is not in danger of being broken any time soon.  This spectacle of history came together from the vision of one man: Sam Decero.  Some people doubted that something like this could be pulled off but due to sheer perseverance, Decero was able to make his vision a reality and earn himself a place in the annals of Pro Wrestling History as the promoter of The Largest Championship Match in History.  A match that could only be presented by WCPW!

Bigtime meets with Robby Dawber in Las Vegas!


New Talent Available To WCPW

WCPW Owner Bigtime's recent trip to Las Vegas was shrouded in mystery but we can now reveal what the purpose of the trip was.  Bigtime went to Las Vegas to meet with New Thing Robby Dawber to discuss a variety of topics.  The friendship between these two spans over 20 years and they have been both friend and enemy to one another.  Mr. Dawber joined WCPW before Bigtime did and remained with the company after Bigtime left, winning the Company's League Title and being promoted to a Creative Producer's role behind the scenes.  Mr. Dawber's knowledge of the previous version of this Company is extensive.  After Mr. Dawber left WCPW, he went on to OVW where he trained with the likes of Simon Dean, Cody Rhodes, and CM Punk.  Mr. Dawber even appeared in the WrestleMania 22 Main event as part of John Cena's entourage.

Bigtime asked his long time frenemy if he'd be interested in being a part of The New WCPW.  Robby Dawber is happily retired from the wrestling business and respectfully declined.  However, Mr. Dawber did express his interest in seeing The New WCPW succeed so he offered to put Bigtime in touch with his contacts from his time in OVW ensuring that Bigtime will have access to some of the rising stars of the business today.

Between Bigtime's connections in Tennessee, Atlanta, and Florida, the addition of a connection to OVW contacts will ensure that The New WCPW will continue to offer fans a roster that cannot be seen elsewhere in Chicago.  Sports Entertainers that look like Professional Wrestlers.  WCPW's roster of unique talent with professional gear and a skillset developed while wrestling accross The Country and The World is what allows us to continue to set the standard in Chicago Professional Wrestling.

Windy City heading to Sin City!


WCPW Owner Bigtime goes to Las Vegas!

Later this month, WCPW Owner Bigtime will have several days of meetings in Las Vegas.  Speculation is running rampant as to what those meetings will be about but as of right now Bigtime is remaining tight lipped.  When asked about his upcoming trip, Bigtime had this to say: "I learned a long time ago that you don't speak about things unless the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted.  When things are finalized the fans of WCPW will know!".

People are wondering if WCPW could be looking to put on it's first show in Las Vegas or whether Bigtime is going there to scout local talent to bring back to Chicago.  One thing is for certain.  The Hollywood Director turned wrestling promoter would not be heading back to the West Coast for a simple vacation.  There is a reason he's earned the moniker of "The Most Controversial Man Alive!".  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

wcpw welcomed to the community


48th Ward Alderman supports Wrestling!

Alderman Harry Osterman took time out of his very busy schedule on January 23rd to show support for both worlds of Wrestling.  Alderman Osterman made his way to Senn High School to congratulate their Championship Team which is a mixture of both Female and Male Wrestlers under the training of Coach Angela Kus!  Under Coach Kus, Senn's unique wrestling team can claim the following accolades:

Junior Captain Jamil Ramadhan - 4th place in City

16 Female Wrestlers

5 Wrestlers advanced to City Championships finishing top 10 in weight classes

Varsity Team undefeated in conference

8 of 12 entries into the Sophomore City Tournament are Female

Alderman Osterman also took the opportunity to welcome Bigtime and his company WCPW to the community in advance of their show at The Broadway Park Armory on January 27th.  In light of such tremendous support from both Alderman Osterman and Senn High School, Bigtime announced today that Senn High School students will receive an exclusive discount at the January 27th event.  Admission will be only $8 for Senn students that present a school ID!

WCPW says thank you to Alderman Osterman as well as Senn High School for such a warm welcome to the Community!